Ready to raise your vibration?

Welcome to Truth is magic - cinematic journeys that celebrate and elevate the magic within. Here we engage the mind's eye through color - these broadest categories of subjective association and collective meaning-making.  Truth Is Magic experiences are psychological treasure hunts -  safe adventures into the deepest parts of yourself, exploring each facet of your beautiful, unique soul and gathering helpful tools and treasures along the way.  

We believe raising your consciousness is sexy, transformative, and fun. There is no one size fits all approach to personal and collective development. There are no rules and practice doesn't have to smack of morality or homework!  Here we validate spirituality that is uniquely yours and therefore completely true for you - experiencing the power and freedom of our imaginations, tapping into the wonder of being alive.

Your mind’s eye is incredibly powerful. What you focus on, you bring into your life. Truth Is Magic can help you tap into the powerful energy of the collective unconscious, and to access your deepest, most wondrous truth.