About Jane

I’m Jane, the creator of TRUTH is magic.

TRUTH is magic invites beauty and play into personal growth, empowering its community with the message that we are our own best medicine. TRUTH is magic is a playground that celebrates the parts that traditional therapy often neglects: the freedom that comes from integrating personal shadows, the joy of self-discovery and growth, the power of innocence and the inner child, the relief that comes when we simplify -doing what we love, expressing who we are.

Studying English Literature at Oxford University (BA, MA) I learned both the value of analytical thinking and the limitations of the academic approach. Since then, my understanding has deepened through studying Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, Shamanism, Somatic Experiencing, Plant Medicine, Psychedelic Integration and EFT.

Before I became a Psychotherapist, I spent a decade developing and producing independent movies. In Hollywood, I discovered a love for entrepreneurship and psychology and discovered I had a gift for helping facilitate creative visions. I decided to go back to school and become a therapist, as a way to use these skills in a more direct, honest and contributive context.

After receiving a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, I trained at The Maple Center in Beverly Hills, also receiving mentorship from celebrated therapists Phil Stutz and Barry Michels. Since then, I’ve grown a thriving practice in Santa Monica, working with clients intent on raising their vibration and increasing their contribution. TRUTH is Magic combines the best what I’ve learned from filmmaking, psychotherapy, and spirituality, and I’m delighted to host these adventures in consciousness…

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