“Where there’s love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.” 

Ella Jane Fitzgerald

The journey into Passion is a journey out of the head and into the heart: into love, inspiration, and inner beauty. When we find our passion, meaning becomes embodied, our reach becomes wider, and life starts to flow in undeniable ways. 

Here we explore the world of Eros with its intersections of love, desire, affection and beauty. In passion sexual energy is not separate from love but part of it. 

Sexuality seen through the lens of the divine is about connection, play, sensuality, and growth. It is a force that helps us manifest our highest potential in our self-confidence, in relationships, in creativity, and in consciousness itself.

These meditations on passion unfurl the real red carpet of our own hearts desire, inviting us to walk towards our highest pleasure and purpose.


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