“The most sophisticated people I know- inside they are all children.”

Jim Henson


The journey into PLAY reaches into the unfiltered vision of our own inner child. Beyond judgment, beyond preconceived ideas of right and wrong, there is simply wonder, and the world can be seen as an ever-evolving playground. Through the eyes of the child, every day is a yellow brick road, with creativity continuously unfolding.

The child inside us is the real deal. The child is our emotional core,  holding the joys and sorrows of the past, along with the map of unlimited future potentials. Children always want to express themselves through play, and this longing remains in the adult, whether they realize it or not.

Simply put, play is the key to unbridled imagination and limitless creativity.

Once we’ve found the child again we can unlock our own relationship to play, reinvigorating our vision, remembering our authentic connection to joy, and accessing the sense of possibility and hope that play facilitates. 

Some of the play journey is remembering, and some is unlearning our own programming around what it means to be an adult.  This journey is a journey into bliss and into beginnings, the fresh slate of beginner’s mind, and the wise innocence of the reclaimed child. 

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